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Jahmina Russell, former volleyball player in college, now works as a web hosting consultant for Ionos by 1&1. She spends most of her time taking photographs simply because she loves to keep vivid memories of beautiful things and events she comes across. Not only does photography fosters her creativity, she gets to keep a recollection worth saving, of things with underlying beauty, like nature, animals, places, people, food and space. She is also fond of playing video games such as GTA and Burnout Revenge: Need for Speed. According to her, playing video games taught her how to be a better problem solver, improved her manual dexterity and helped to ease her anxiety. Yes, she was recently diagnosed with anxiety and hypertension and is currently battling. It has been quite difficult sometimes when she gets a surge of overwhelming panic, losing control over things. She is doing her best to learn how to snap out of it and overcome fear and is currently seeing a medical professional for assistance.


Katie Lynn Jones, a delco chick, is also a photography enthusiast. She has a good eye for details and takes the aggregate of chroma in things into an art. She takes powerful images that evoke the greatest of emotions making people feel that they occupy the same space. She loves to capture every moment worth sharing. Captivating light and color is her passion. That is another reason why she also loves to paint. Creating aesthetically wonderful works has fueled Katie to churn through integrated visuals and memory. It is also her way to convey her thoughts and manifest her emotions. Art has been her thoroughfare for creativity and focus.


Jahmina and Katie take pleasure in perambulating through random parks around Pennsylvania. They regard Fairmont Park in Philadelphia which is the largest municipal park in Pennsylvania excels all others. It is our way to reconnect with nature to reduce stress and walking through green spaces helps flourish their creativity, keeps them calm and composed. Watching TV series is another activity we usually do as a way to bond for connection, get cultured and simply for entertainment. These activities strengthen our relationship. As a couple they believe in respecting each other’s boundaries. We communicate how we feel and trust is the most significant element why we consider their attachment imperfectly lasting.

Hi! It’s Jahmina and Katie!

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